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The Entergy Arkansas Smart Direct Load Control Pilot Program is helping our residential and business customers save energy by offering an advanced smart thermostat and professional installation at absolutely no additional cost when you enroll in the program. A $225 value.

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What’s so smart about a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat learns your personal preferences to automatically adjust temperatures when you come and go. And by connecting it to your home's Wi-Fi, you can control the temperature from anywhere, using your tablet or smartphone.

Already have a smart thermostat? No problem. You can still participate in the program if you have one of the qualifying thermostats below:

  • Visit here to enroll your Emerson Sensi Touch or Sensi Wi-Fi smart thermostat.

  • Visit here to enroll your Honeywell Home T5, T6 Pro, T9 or T10 Pro smart thermostat.

  • Visit here to enroll your Honeywell Home 9000, FocusPRO or Round smart thermostat.

Who is eligible?

Entergy Arkansas residential and small business customers who own their home or business, have central air conditioners and have Wi-Fi are eligible to participate in one of two ways:

  • You sign up to receive a new advanced smart thermostat, with free professional installation. A $225 value. In addition to the thermostat, you’ll receive a participation incentive at the end of the year. 
  • You already have an eligible thermostat. You’ll receive an incentive at enrollment and a participation incentive at the end of the year.
  • If you are participating in the Summer Advantage program, but wish to have a smart thermostat installed, first you must call 866-224-7812 to have your air conditioning control switch removed.

Program incentives

One-time enrollment incentive


Incentive amount

Direct installation
Residential or non-residential

Free professionally installed thermostat
 ($225 value)

Bring your own qualifying device


Bring your own qualifying device



Annual participation incentive


Incentive amount

No event
opt out

One event
opt out

Two or three event opt out

Four or more event opt out

Residential customers





Non-residential customers





How it works

Enjoy effortless savings by enrolling in the Smart Direct Load Control Pilot Program and help reduce high energy demand when it counts most – during the summer months when tens of thousands of central air conditioning systems are all running at the same time. The demand for energy can put a strain on the power supply. That’s where you come in.

When you join this program, a signal will be sent to your enrolled thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature on your thermostat by two to four degrees on days when electricity demand is highest, helping to reduce demand when it counts most. 

Between June 1 and Sept. 30 each year, your enrolled thermostat will alert you when an energy-saving demand response event is underway and provide the time an event is scheduled to end. By allowing Entergy to slightly increase your thermostat’s set temperature, you can cash in by earning participation incentives.


In addition to a free smart thermostat and/or cash incentives for you, when you automatically reduce your energy use at these important times, you help prevent outages, maintain current energy supply and preserve the natural environment by requiring less electricity production. When you participate in this program you get rewarded for helping to prevent power outages and reduce emissions on hot, humid days.

Bottom line: the Smart Direct Load Control Pilot Program is a win-win for everyone. Don’t wait to start saving.

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Download the program manual.

Still have questions? Contact the Smart Direct Load Control Pilot Program today by emailing or calling 833-807-7682.

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